When time is a critical factor, air transportation becomes the most cost-effective way to ship your product. Perishables, luxury or high value, high demand or seasonal demand products, and live animals are carried by air. SYDEL has arrangements with the main airlines that carry out your shipments in the best time frame with highly competitive rates and an excellent quality at your service.


LTL Service  

We offer LTL air transportation while taking care of the correct flow of the dispatches, therefore speeding up your transit times. We have reliable and efficient personnel to manage your LTL cargo, with global coverage.

LTL (Less than truck load). 

In LTL shipments the combined volume and/or weight of all individual deliveries is too low to fill an entire truck. As a result, in practice, multiple deliveries of LTL can be combined into one truck.

In air transport the term LTL is referred to the consolidation of cargo for its transfer in cargo or dedicated flights.


Door-to-door Services

With coverage in the main world airports and terminals, we integrate overland transport to provide you door–to-door services for your urgent shipments. We create solutions according to your requirements by offering you highly competitive rates and ensuring the safety of your merchandise.

Besides the air transport, the door to door service brings together various forms of overland transport, in particular road transport, to set up competitive logistics solutions; which include all types of transport and insurance costs.


Special Projects 

We develop integrated logistics solutions for managing your merchandise transported by air; allowing you to make decisions that permit the growth of your business. We maintain high standards of service, ensuring the safety of your cargo on a timely basis.

The cargo division of special projects provides you logistical plans according to your needs.

We offer charter flights with routes available.

This transport mode is provided when express services do not have an available flight or when the size and / or specific features of your product require a special plane.



On the basis of arrangements agreed upon with main airlines, SYDEL offers transport of small products by means of specialized staff with hand delivery to any place in the world. We conduct your shipments in the best time frames with highly competitive rates and with excellent quality service.

The hand-carry service allows you to carry out shipments faster than an express delivery, being the most reliable way to send time-critical sensitive products.